An online event showcasing the various leadership programmes developed by the QNI over the years including:

Previous participants will describe how they have developed since completing the programmes. We will also be sharing how our programmes have been internally and independently evaluated and would love to hear from you about ‘leadership in practice’ during and beyond the pandemic.

13:55 Online registration
14:00 Overview of QNI Leadership Programmes Sharon Aldridge-Bent, MA, RNT, RN, DN, QN, Director of Nursing Programmes (Leadership), QNI
14:20 Aspiring Leaders Panel Questions Hattie Taylor, Gabbie Parham, Allison O’Kelly, Parveen Akhtar
14:25 Aspiring Leaders Film
14:30 Interactive session about ‘taster workshops’ Discussion groups
15:00 Break
15:05 Executive Nurse Leaders Programme Tracie McKelvie, Sara Fantham, Helen Mehra, Yemi Osho
15:30 Expectations of QNI Leadership Programmes? What does practice need post pandemic from a leadership programme? Chat Box Survey
Questions/Closing Reflections Dr Crystal Oldman RN, RHV, CBE, Chief Executive, QNI
16:00 Close