We would like to invite you to join our FREE half-day online conference: The science behind weight management – from genetics to surgery

This webinar is recorded live and the sessions are available for delegates to access freely for 6 months once uploaded to our e-Learning platform. 

*Please note we endeavour to upload content as quickly as possible after the conference, but it typically takes 1-2 weeks.

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Many aspects of obesity seem counterintuitive: emerging biochemical as well as genetic understanding helps explain why apparently logical treatments have been ineffective and why newer treatments, both medical and surgical, are showing more promise. GPs have important roles in long-term support after bariatric interventions as well as co-morbidity care during phases of weight reduction.

Learning outcomes:

  • Explore the role of gut hormones in appetite/satiety regulation and metabolism
  • Understand how genetic make-up influences how individuals respond differently to the same obesogenic environment
  • Review new pharmacotherapies including how the new GLP-1 receptor agonists alter insulin and glucagon secretion, and slow gastric emptying
  • Update on the effectiveness of different bariatric surgical procedures
  • Recap on elements of long-term post-bariatric follow-up relevant to primary care