What’s it about?

The aim of the Mess is to provide a safe space to talk with other GPs – share, download and support.

It’s OK just to listen – you don’t have to speak unless you want to, and you can leave when you like.
The sessions are not recorded, what happens in the mess stays in the mess.
Feedback from the April sessions of the Doctors’ Mess was 100% positive.


The Mess is open every second Tuesday of the month – 20.00 – 21.00 and every third Wednesday 13.00 –


This  is  a  virtual  mess  –  via  Zoom.   You  don’t  need  to  download  anything  –  you  do  need  a  link…


Just  email  Akeso  with  your  name  and  contact  details  and  GMC  number  to   jackie.campbell4@akeso.org.uk    and  we  will  send  you  the  link  to  join  via  Zoom   whichever  dates  you  choose  or  are  free  anywhere,  on  any  device.

For more information see: http://akeso.org.uk