A Modern General Practice model is a way of organising work in general practice to help enable practices to provide fair and safe care, while also supporting the sustainability of services and an improved experience for both patients and staff.

The model involves practices:

  • having a full understanding of demand and available capacity;
  • providing easy to use access routes to patients;
  • collecting consistent information from the patient at the point of contact;
  • using this information to give the most appropriate help to patients based on need; and
  • improving management of non-patient facing workload to help release capacity.

What is a Modern General Practice Model?

This webinar will introduce the concept of a modern general practice model, the principles and evidence behind he model. It will also help clarify what it isn’t, by debunking some myths.

•        Description of the model
•        Origins of the model – how it came about
•        Evidence behind the model
•        What it is and what it isn’t – debunking the myths