What is Quality Improvement (QI) and how can it help in tackling challenges with processes such as virtual/face to face appointments, signposting and document flow?  This virtual learning session is designed for anyone working in general practices/PCNs who is thinking about making changes or improvements and wanting to understand how Quality Improvement can help them.

The session provides an introduction to practical approaches to making changes; how these can help to speed up getting things done and make improvements stick.  The presenters will describe how quality improvement techniques can be used to make changes and how to get started, using the Model for Improvement, a simple, yet practical and effective way to making changes.  This is a tried and tested approach that has been used successfully in healthcare over a number of years.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the session participants will be able to

  • Describe the key ingredients of successful change
  • Identify how quality improvement can help make improvements in their practice, network or across multiple networks
  • Describe a practical model and tools for making changes.

This session is for anyone in practices and PCNs

Enquiries: england.capabilityt4c@nhs.net