The inaugural Women’s Health Professional Care event is almost here, taking place at Olympia London (National Hall) on 28-29 February. This free event, providing up to 12 hours of CPD accreditation, is a must-attend event for healthcare professionals serious about reducing inequalities in healthcare services and treatment for women.

Why Now?

February 2024 is as great a time as ever for Women’s Heath Professional Care, as conversations around women’s health have really started to take off.

The rise in media attention, fuelled by documentaries spotlighting women’s health and the newly unveiled 10-year health strategy, has brought women’s health challenges to the forefront of public awareness.

As a result, patient expectations are elevated, necessitating healthcare professionals to stay informed about all aspects of women’s health to address patient inquiries and deliver improved care.

Now is an opportune moment to join us for an event that emphasises these topics, offering a platform for education and, consequently, an enhancement in care.