For sessional GPs working very part-time

  • Ever wondered how to keep up to date when work is only a small part of your life?
  • Ever wondered how to be fully part of a GP team when your clinical time is short and very full?
  • Ever wondered how others are managing as part time GPs?
  • Ever been told the only solution is to work more?

If you are one of the wonderful group of GPs, for whom clinical practice is only a small part of your week and you would like to join other GPs to wonder together, we’d love you to join us to discuss these issues and others affecting ‘very low volume’ GPs and GP retainers.


This month:

Case discussions - all things CAMHS/ Young people

Bring your cases to discuss. We will be joined by Dr Becky Jones, who will add her clinical experience and systems-knowledge as CCG for paediatrics and adolescent mental health to our discussions around topics of challenge. Suggested areas for conversation might include:

  • Autism – how to manage requests for diagnosis/ referral
  • Self harm
  • School Refusal
  • Patients at the CAMHS referral threshold – how and who do we manage in the community?
  • New paediatric asthma guidelines
  • CMPA – milk formulas – what and when not to prescribe

There will be many more topics – and, as always, more questions than answers!

This session is a chance to mull over contentious topics and difficult issues with other GPs – particularly geared to those in part time practice who may be seeing lower volumes of patients and would like a chance to catch up with latest guidelines and resources.

Do email us in advance with any particular topics/questions/cases you know you’d like covered. /