For sessional GPs working very part-time

  • Ever wondered how to keep up to date when work is only a small part of your life?
  • Ever wondered how to be fully part of a GP team when your clinical time is short and very full?
  • Ever wondered how others are managing as part time GPs?
  • Ever been told the only solution is to work more?

If you are one of the wonderful group of GPs, for whom clinical practice is only a small part of your week and you would like to join other GPs to wonder together, we’d love you to join us to discuss these issues and others affecting ‘very low volume’ GPs and GP retainers.

Wednesday 15th September

Dr Peter Bailey will be discussing ‘Survival of the Fittest (what Darwin is telling us about general practice)’

Darwin described the survival of the fittest to explain the way that evolution selected those best suited to the environmental niche they inhabited. The ‘niche’ for GPs is changing rapidly. How must GPs change and adapt if they are to survive?

This session is aimed at providing a greater understanding of the way a GPs core qualities and values become their greatest vulnerabilities – and how to begin the process of change.


Dr Peter Bailey was a GP principal between 1984 and 2012 and a portfolio practitioner after that. He is a past LMC chair and vice chair of a commissioning group. He is also a medical adviser for NHS England, an appraiser, an Akeso Coach and a clinician working with NHS Practitioner Health (providing mental health general practice to doctors). And he runs a vasectomy service.

NB: Bookings for this event close at 4.30pm on Wednesday 15th.