For all healthcare professionals involved in the care of patients with wounds

Objective: To update knowledge on wound management issues.

Tissue Viability Teaching Schedule 2019

Applicants will be notified by email approximately two weeks prior to the study session, to inform you if your application has been successful. Please ensure that your email address is clearly stated – this will be used to notify you when you are allocated a place.

We reserve the right to refuse applications if the number of applications exceeds the room capacity.

Cancellations & Non-Attendance

Candidates who are absent on the day without prior notification will be sent a charge of £80 to their team’s budget. It is important to let us know as early as possible of cancellation. This is to ensure that all places are utilised, reducing any waiting lists that we may have.


Tea and coffee will be provided at a charge.

Lunch will not be provided at any of the study sessions, so please remember to bring your own.