Fellowship in General Practice Monthly Education Programme for GPs

The 2022/23 programme of monthly GP Fellowship mornings will run from September 2022 to July 2023. These take place on Thursdays, from 9.30am-12.30pm (unless otherwise stated).

The Fellowship mornings include an education session with expert speakers covering a range of clinical and non-clinical topics, followed by case discussions and opportunities for group work/peer learning.

Any variations to these standard timings will be noted against individual events.

9.20-9.30am Registration
9.30-10.30am Education: Lecture from expert speaker – tailored specifically to F5 educational needs
10.30-11.00am Education: Q&A/Case-based discussion w expert speaker
11.00-11.15am Coffee/comfort break
11.15am-12.30pm Small group work – scenario discussions, questions and near peer support
12.30-1pm Fellowship 1:1 – Opportunity for Fellows to have short 1 on 1 with Kate Lowery for support/coaching/questions – bookable on request at start of session

(Events marked * have a different format)

The schedule of dates is as below, topics and speakers will be added as soon as they are confirmed. All sessions take place virtually via Zoom unless marked as FtF.

FtF events will take place at a venue in the Huntingdon area.

Fellows will be automatically booked onto these sessions, and receive a calendar invitation as confirmation – please accept/decline the invitation and advise us if you are unable to attend by emailing deborah.coulter@nhs.net

2022/23 Fellowship Education Schedule

Our 2022/23 education programme kicks off on 15th September with a special Shapes in Practice session. Click the + below to reade more about the session and learning objectives etc.

At present in healthcare, many of us are at capacity. Escalating demand and expectation from patients, staff shortages and sickness all contribute to a vicious cycle of busyness, stress and overwhelm. Traditionally, when the workload builds up, our answer is to work harder and fit more into our already busy day, and conventional time management and resilience training focuses on trying to fit more in, and help people increase their welling so that that they can survive. But what do we do when we’re at capacity and it’s not possible to work any harder?

The only answer is to set limits, say no and keep a laser focus on what’s really important. This is easier said than done, we may not have the time and headspace to start to prioritise our work, and we may worry that if we say no, our patients and colleagues will be affected, or people will think badly of us. However, you also may worry that if nothing changes, you may make a serious mistake, or end up going off sick with stress or burnout.

So in this Shapes in Practice workshop, we explore how to prioritise our time so that we know what to say yes to, discuss why our limits as a human being can actually help us to set boundaries, explore what the consequences might be of setting boundaries, and consider how to deal with the inevitable pushback that saying no might bring with it.

Following this workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • Use the Zone of Power shape to work out what is in our control and what isn’t,
  • Use the Prioritisation grid to separate the ‘urgent’ from the ‘important’ to focus on the fewer things which will have a greater impact
  • Understand why our boundaries might crumble when we get pushback
  • Use the ‘Corner’ shape to examine the limiting beliefs and unhelpful stories we tell ourselves that stop us saying no and setting boundaries
  • Get some strategies to say no and deal with pushback whilst practicing safely and collaboratively
  • Leverage a support network to help each other do this

Date Topic Delivery
Thurs 15th September
(Fellows only) 
Shapes in Practice half day: How to embrace your limits, set boundaries and deal with pushback
Rachel Morris, Wild Monday
Thurs 13th October
(Fellows only)
Dr Colin Hitchcock
Thurs 10th November Domestic Abuse Awareness and the work of IDVAs
Vickie Crompton
Thurs 8th December 9.30-11am: Elderly Care
Dr Jonathan Myers
11.15-11.30: Coaching & Mentoring
Dr Sarah Ray
Thurs 12th January*
(Fellows only)
Menopause & HRT
Dr Gill Shields
Thurs 9th February Greener Practice
Dr Rebecca Davis
Thurs 16th March Compassionate Leadership
Dr Mark Brookes
Thurs 20th April
(Fellows only)
Supervision in Primary Care
Fay Penart-Buck and Jenny Aston
Thurs 18th May Abnormal Blood Results and Haematological Disorders
Charles Crawley
Thurs 15th June Mental Health – Overview & Services
9.30-11am: Dr Simon Mitchell
11.15-12.30: Dr Emma Tiffin
Thurs 13th July
(Fellows only)
Annual Summer Fellowship Event FtF


The fellowship education sessions delivered via zoom (9.30-11am unless otherwise stated) are also open to any First5 GP working in Cambridgeshire & Peterborough, even if not enrolled on the Fellowship programme.

Sessions will be available for non-fellows to book via our training calendar, approximately 4-6 weeks prior to each event. Click here to search for these and other First5 events.

Shapes Toolkit
Dr Rachel Morris

Menopause and HRT: A Whistle-Stop Tour
Dr Hannah Short

Akeso Coaching for GPs
Dr Sarah Rann

Domestic Abuse Awareness and the work of IDVAs
C&P Domestic Violence Advisory Service

Being a Portfolio GP
Dr Morooj Mohammed

Palliative Care ‘Deep Dive’
Dr Stephen Barclay & Carly Love (ARHC)

Promoting Patient Self-care
Joao Costa (Clinical Pharmacist)

Appraisals & Revalidation
Paula Newton

Syncope (+RADAR service)
Dr Jo Hampton

F5 leads ‘Top tips’
Dr Will Bostock & Dr Cynthia Yohanna

Mental Health Consulting: Top Tips
Dr Emma Tiffin & Dr Simon Mitchell, Consultant Psychiatrist, CPFT and Associate Director

Lifestyle Medicine and Using Podcasts with Patients
Dr Will Bostock

Dr Anna Trigell

Perinatal MH
Dr Emma Tiffin

Men’s Health
Dr Tom Shackleton

Paediatric Allergies
Dr Rebecca Tillbott

Long Covid
Dr Rowan Burnstein and Louise Goswell

Managing Medical Uncertainty
Dr Susie Lister

Health inequalities, leadership and practice management
Dr Neil Modha

ENT – Hearing, balance, ear and tinnitus
Dr Neil Donnelly