Anaphylaxis Programme

Last updated Thursday 10th June 2021

Anaphylaxis is a severe, life threatening event. People having an anaphylactic reaction often have changes to their airway, breathing and/or circulation so it is vital that these signs are recognised and treated quickly. The number of anaphylaxis cases in the UK is rising (Resuscitation Council UK, 2008) and it is therefore important that all health and care staff have an understanding of the causes, signs and treatment.

The content of this e-LfH course is split into two sessions:

  1. An Introduction to Anaphylaxis
    This resource enables a basic understanding of anaphylaxis; including the causes, signs and initial treatments which should be given. It has been developed for people who do not necessarily work in health or care.
  2. Recognising and Managing Anaphylaxis
    This resource is for any health or care professional who administers parenteral medications. It would also be useful for those working in areas where someone might present with anaphylaxis.