Immunisations e-Learning Programme

Last updated Thursday 10th June 2021

This e-LfH immunisation programme has been designed in line with the recommendations made in the Public Health England (PHE) National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training. It comprehensively covers the core areas of immunisation with which healthcare practitioners need to be familiar to deliver immunisations safely and effectively and to answer parents’/patients’ questions confidently and accurately.

The programme consists of seven knowledge sessions with accompanying assessments.

These sessions are:

  • National Immunisation Policy and Programmes (IMM)
  • Immunology (IMM)
  • Vaccine Preventable Diseases (IMM)
  • Communicating with Patients, Parents & Carers (IMM)
  • Legal Aspects (IMM)
  • Vaccine Storage (IMM)
  • Vaccine Administration (IMM)

It is recommended that those new to immunisation complete all seven sessions. Those with prior knowledge and experience in immunisation may wish to read through the relevant knowledge sessions for refresher training or undertake the assessment sessions to check on their knowledge. Learners may also wish to only undertake the sessions relevant to their role.

On completion of the knowledge sessions and assessments, users can print a certificate as evidence of the sessions undertaken. A period of supervised practice to allow acquisition and observation of clinical skills and application of knowledge to practice for practitioners new to immunisation is also recommended, as is the completion of an immunisation competency checklist.

To reach the right sessions quickly, once logged in to e-learning for Health, put IMM in the search bar.