Short courses in sustainability, health and healthcare

Last updated Thursday 11th April 2024

Foundation-Level Courses

Training courses that offer a mix of core concepts and case studies, followed by live online workshops with expert advice on applying theory to practice in your setting. Designed for health professionals, educators, sustainability or estates managers, the courses prepare you to implement sustainability projects in your workplace, conduct research and contribute to developing and delivering your organisation’s Green Plan.

Each of these courses offers an introdutory-level overview of the field.  If you work in one of the specialties listed below, you will find it most useful to join that course as it is tailored to your field, offers many specialty-specific examples, and allows you to network with peers.  If your speciality is not listed below, the Introduction to Sustainable Healthcare will give a broader overview, with a focus on secondary care and links to examples in other specialites, and allow networking with a wide range of health professionals.