Adult Safeguarding – Core Level 3

Core Level 3 Learning Opportunities

LSCB ‘Safeguarding Matters’
Monthly LSCB Webinars on specific topics within the Child and Adult Curriculum. Advertised on this website, search for ‘safeguarding’:
GP Training Hub ‘Safeguarding in Practice’ Webinars
Case-based, peer-to-peer learning in the Level 3 curriculum.  Designed to complement the LSCB webinars by working through some cases with groups of local GPs in breakout rooms, share good practice / changes to practice and possible audit ideas.  Practical support for better safeguarding practice in a participatory way.
RCGP Courses

Group Learning Matters – Adult and Child Safeguarding Level 3
RCGP members only. 120 mins (Two 30 minute sessions plus two 30 minute guided, self-directed group work to download.
Email: with your name and your Practice name. You will then receive an email with a unique enrolment key for your practice.

Non-local, participatory, 4 hours Adult and Child Safeguarding Learning, Level 3 Webinars.  £99 to members. Free e-learning also available to members.

HEE Level 3 Adult Safeguarding Online Webinar Series
1 hour weekly for 3 weeks
Red Whale Safeguarding Online Course
Level 3 adult and child safeguarding: 2 CPD credits. If done with practice team and reflective learning activities completed, can be worth at least 4 CPD credits and count towards participatory requirement.


eLFH MODULES on a wide range of Safeguarding Topics
E-learning at levels 1, 2 and 3.  Excellent general resource for background knowledge.
LSCB Multi-agency Webinars
Hoarding and Safeguarding Adults
Safeguarding Adults and the Mental Capacity Act
Self-Neglect and Safeguarding Adults at Risk
Working Together to Safeguard Adults
Safeguarding Adult Reviews
Read and reflect upon learning. Consider changes to practice and cascading learning at a practice level.
Nationwide: (free)
RCGP Adult Safeguarding Toolkit
Read and reflect
NHS Safeguarding APP
Fantastic resource with excellent embedded links, read and reflect.


(Page last updated: April 2023)