Trailblazer Deprivation Fellowship Scheme (EoE) 2023

The Primary Care School at Health Education England is delighted to launch this fellowship opportunity for First5 GPs in the East of England. Following 2 successful cohorts of the Deprivation Fellowship, we are pleased to announce a third cohort which is expected to commence in April 2023. Please forward this email to anyone you think would be interested.

The Trailblazer Deprivation Fellowship Scheme supports newly qualified GPs (first 5 years) that work in practices in areas of socio-economic deprivation. It aims to give them the knowledge, skills and confidence to practice in challenging environments and to reduce health inequalities, improving care for patients who live in poverty and/or belong to marginalised groups.

As well as the East of England Scheme, the scheme is already successfully run in Yorkshire & Humber and the East of England scheme will involve links to the national Fairhealth programme, whilst complementing this with regional activities.

Fairhealth is a registered charity working to confront discrimination, prejudice and racism that worsen health inequalities. They are trying improve outcomes by providing education for health professionals, getting involved in research, academic work and developing policies.

Who is it for?

Trailblazer Fellows are salaried GPs in the first five years post completion of training, employed by practices in areas of deprivation.

The programme is open to GPs who are already employed within a primary care organisation in the East of England.

First 5s will need to be in a position to have a salaried GP job by start on 6th April.

We are keen to have applicants who are GPs working in practices within the top 10% IMD score.

What is the offer?

Alongside their 4-8 sessions working clinically (to be negotiated between fellow and practice), fellows will have two sessions of personal development time, for which the practice receives a standard salary contribution backfill in line with HEE’s National post CCT fellowship programme. (£19,688 PA)

During their personal development time Trailblazer GPs receive programmed activities to support their development, which might include:

  • Teaching sessions on relevant topics run nationally and regionally
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Action learning sets
  • Attendance at conferences
  • Time for personal reflection

The participating GP would need to be available on Fridays when mandatory national and regional training is scheduled.

When would it start?

The scheme aims to begin from April 2023.


Testimonies from the 2022 cohort can be found HERE under Current GP Trailblazers.

For any further questions, please contact

The application process will be open until 17th February 2023. The application form can be accessed via HERE.