PCN Workforce Planning

Effective workforce planning allows you to plan ahead, exploiting the pathways and training support that’s out there so you bring in new blood whilst also developing existing staff. It also allows you to identify the staff you are going to need to help you get there.

Time spent in recruitment of a dwindling workforce is a major disruption for practices. We need more clinical and administrative staff, doctors and nurses alongside new roles across General Practice in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Our current staff want to develop and there is national funding to support Primary care with our workforce crisis.

Working together we can understand our practices’ local needs now, and in the future. We must plan and support each other to develop enough staff to fill all the vacancies. CPTH knows that practices are best placed to know what they need but often unable to plan for the future due to local practical/financial constraints.

The Offer

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Training hub will support you and your PCN to discuss your local challenges and opportunities.

We can provide you with the data we have around your workforce and pay for your time to ensure this is accurate to help us understand the true picture at a local level. We will support you in understanding your data and what help is available to your practices to help you recruit, retain and train your workforce.

We appreciate each PCN is different and has different needs, and as such will tailor our support to you.

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