Kim Jones Gastro Dietitian and Team lead at CPFT will share the findings of an audit of 387 sets of patient notes referred to CPFT Dietitians with IBS looking at the effectiveness of first line and second line dietary advice.

The audit, conducted by Helen Dumpleton (Gastro Dietitian) found an impressive 72% of patients achieved adequate gut relief from the first line dietary advice and 60% from second line (Low FODMAP diet). This success rate for first line dietary advice is higher than reported in the literature and second line in line with it.

The success of the service is likely linked to the individually tailored advice that is formulated during consultations for first line advice whilst the second line success is likely due to the comprehensive Low FODMAP education delivered by FODMAP trained staff.

This effective service will be reducing unnecessary referrals to secondary care for invasive investigations, supporting more effective mediation use, reducing repeated GP visits and is having a positive effect on patient quality of life.