During October, November and December 2020, FDB are running online sessions about FDB OptimiseRx which I am hoping you would like to invite your practices to. The sessions are aimed at end users of OptimiseRx (e.g. GPs, PCN pharmacists, Non-medical prescribers) so may be of interest to Prescribing Leads/PCN Clinical Directors.

The session will cover:

  • How OptimiseRx works; from online portal to point of care messaging
  • The content and informatics behind the messages you see, referencing National Guidance and local prescribing priorities
  • The results it delivers in key therapy area best practice guidance (AKI and ACB)
  • How OptimiseRx supports the Network DES
  • Q&A

Choose any of the six sessions to join, approximate run time will be 45 mins.