Pain can be a very distressing symptom when experienced by patients with life limiting diseases. This day will help healthcare professionals to assess and manage pain in palliative care, introduce the concept of “Total Pain” and how pain may be experienced by patients.

Aimed at:

Healthcare professionals who are caring for palliative patients and their families.


  • Brief overview of the physiology of pain
  • Identify different pain types and treatment
  • Understand the skills required to assess and manage pain effectively
  • Discuss the pharmacological management of pain
  • Explore non-pharmacological management of pain
  • Define ‘Total Pain’ – what is it and how it manifests itself
  • Explore the concept of emotional, psychological, social and spiritual pain and gain an understanding on how these experiences impact on the individual’s pain experience

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Contact the Education Team, Arthur Rank Hospice on 01223 675801 or For directions and car parking please visit the website