The Shapes Toolkit is a breakthrough resilience training programne for doctors and other professionals in high stress jobs. It was created by Dr Rachel Morris – a GP, Executive Coach and Specialist in workplace resilience. Rachel is Director of Leadership Courses for Red Whale and host of the popular You Are Not A Frog podcast.

The training introduces you to seven key coaching and productivity tools that will help you to maximize your wellbeing, take control of you time, increase your productivity, change your reaction to stressful events and support your teams to do the same.


Target Audience

This programme is being delivered as part of our General Practice Fellowship and First 5 Education Programme and these sessions are only for the following groups:

  • Newly qualified GPs and Nurses who are signed up to our General Practice Fellowship scheme
  • Cambridgeshire and Peterborough GPs within the first 5 years of practice



This course will be run as two half day interactive virtual sessions via Zoom. You will need to book both sessions separately.

Session 1 – 24th September 2020

Session 1 will focus on recognizing your own signs of stress and identifying the things that trigger you into your fight, flight or freeze zone. We’ll look at how to change your response to these stressful things and how to focus on things that are in your control. We’ll also look at how you can reduce stress and overwhelm by taking control of your time and workload.

Session 2 – 22nd October 2020

Session 2 will focus on how to maximize your wellbeing for high performance by recognizing when you are sliding into the vortex of busyness. We’ll use the drama to identify when we are taking unhelpful roles as a victim or as a rescuer and will learn a simple coaching approach that will transform the conversations you have with your colleagues and the rest of the team, empowering them to solve their own problems.



You will need to book both sessions separately. Please use the Book Now link on each event page to book your place.

Session 1 – 24th September 2020

Session 2 – 22nd October 2020