First Contact Practitioner (FCP) Supervision

The role of a Roadmap Supervisor comes with the responsibility of undertaking workplace-based assessments WPBA (within your own scope of practice) and verifying evidence of knowledge, skills, and capability in day-to-day practice.

Responsibilities of Roadmap Supervisors

  • As detailed in the roadmap each practitioner will require 2 WPBAs per month which will take on average a total of 45-60 minutes to complete both
  • In addition to the WPBA there will be at least a daily debrief of approximately 20-30 minutes in length. Some debrief can be done remotely if the ‘debriefer’ has access to the patient record – eg. phone/teams
  • Ensure decisions are based on evidence and use the verification processes and can justify your reasoning
  • Each full-time equivalent Roadmap supervisor can supervise up to four practitioners at a time.


Becoming an FCP Supervisor

There are 2 routes to becoming an FCP Supervisor:

The video offers top up training to GPs who have already trained as Educational Supervisors. It is available on Health Education England’s e-learning for healthcare Hub. The resource provides an overview of the differences between a First Contact Practitioner and an Advanced Practitioner and explains what masters level practice is and how this is evidenced in a portfolio.

After viewing the video, learners will:

  • Be able to understand masters level practice
  • Gain understanding of allied health professionals’ offer to primary care and their specific roadmap
  • Gain understanding of the background of the educational roadmaps and the advanced practice agenda

This training can be accessed by:

  • A GP*
  • A First Contact Practitioner who has completed Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the Roadmap.
  • An Advanced Practitioner who holds recognition with HEE’s Centre for Advancing Practice.
  • A clinician (e.g. AHP or Nurse) with a postgraduate Masters Degree.

*Any Tier 3 GP educators who are recognised by the Quality team do not need to attend the training days, but instead will be able to complete a short online resource.

For additional information, please see the HEE national FCP/AP Roadmap Landing Page

Please also see the FAQ documents

If you have any questions, please email

First Contact Practitioner (FCP) Supervisor Training Grants

FCP supervisors play a vital role in supporting staff to complete their FCP roadmap.  The Training Hub has secured some funding from HEE and are able to offer grants of up to £3,000 per supervisor.  These grants will help cover some of the costs associated with releasing supervisors to support learners.

If you would like to apply for a grant, please complete the FCP Supervisor Funding expression of interest form below. Please note that there is only a limited budget so please ensure you apply as soon as possible.

Expressions of Interest in Becoming a Supervisor

Express your interest in becoming an FCP Supervisor by completing an Expression of Interest (EOI) form: