GP Peer Support

Much great learning goes on when you get together.

Sharing common problems and experiences with your peers, often in less formal settings, offers valuable support for managing your own well-being and for developing the skills and knowledge you need to provide best care for patients.

Below are some recommended ways you can connect with peers in your local area.

Peer Small Groups

If you are in a position to do so we would highly recommend setting up your own peer small group at the end of training. These typically meet monthly, have an ideal size of between six and ten, and where possible involve GPs from different practices with different job roles (locum, salaried, partner) and points of view. The great advantage of setting one up yourself is you can organise it to suit your groups particular learning and support needs. Each meeting can be used as evidence of CPD and count towards the 50 hours per year that you will need to log after qualification.

The training hub offers courses on facilitation and peer coaching and the First 5 leads are available to provide ongoing external support to your group. The First 5 leads would like to be aware of any groups running in the area, so it would be helpful if each group lead could get in touch, regardless of whether your group is open or closed to new members.

If you are new to the area and would value becoming part of a small group, please contact the relevant First 5 lead.

AKESO Virtual Doctors Mess

The Doctors Mess hostsed by Akeso coaches provide a safe space to talk with other medics. It is a virtual mess – via Zoom – open to all GPs and GP Trainees within the East of England. *PLEASE NOTE: Not currently running, for more information visit the website or email


GP CamNet

This is a peer support group which meets monthly for education and conversation.


GP Locum Group, Cambridge

Email the training hub team for more details: