We know that the first 5 years of practice after obtaining the Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) is an exciting time putting learning into practice but it can also be full of challenges as you adjust. There are a variety of exciting opportunities and support programmes for early career GPs, with more new schemes to come.

Early Career/GP Fellowship Lead

Dr Kate Lowery  |  Email: KateLowery@nhs.net


First5 Peer Support Groups

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Training Hub has two GP First5 Peer Support Leads covering the area. These GPs are working to build peer support networks for First5 GPs working in and around our three localities. The format of these varies by area but have included face-to-face or virtual evening meetings, WhatsApp groups and one-to-one advice or signposting. If you would like to join your local First5 group, or find out what is happening in your area then please see the contact details below:

CPTH First 5 North – Peterborough & surrounding areas
Dr Cynthia Yohanna  |  Email: cynthia.yohanna@nhs.net

CPTH First 5 South – Cambridgeshire
Dr Nishma Manek  |  Email: nishmamanek@nhs.net

There are WhatsApp groups for First 5 GPs to network, share thoughts and discuss challenges. Please contact one of the First 5 Leads if you would like to join your local WhatsApp group.

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CPTH Fellowship for Newly Qualified GPs

The new CPTH Fellowship for Newly Qualified GPs is an 18-month funded programme of protected CPD time, education and mentoring for newly qualified GPs.

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Coaching & Mentoring for GPs

Coaching and mentoring is a key professional development tool to support adult reflective learning, find our pick of the coaching options for GPs here.

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GP Induction Pack

Our new GP Induction Pack is full of useful resources! You'll find invaluable information and links to local and national advice, resources, support and communities to help new GPs into practice in Cambridgeshire & Peterborough.

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First5 Monthly Education Sessions

In conjunction with the GP Fellowship we have developed a programme of First5-specific education sessions which take place monthly on a Thursday morning. These are delivered by expert speakers on a range of clinical topics aimed specifically at recently CCT’d GPs.

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GP & ACP Education Programme

We also have a monthly evening education programme open to all GPs in C+P area. This is a great opportunity for CPD in interesting and relevant topics as well as networking with your local colleagues, with a mixture of both zoom and face to face events on offer.

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Peer Support

Visit our Peer Support page to read more about other peer support opportunities including Peer Small Groups, the Akeso Virtual Doctors Mess, GP CamNet, GP Locum Group (Cambridge) and the Peer Learning Fund.

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HEE Fellowships

HEE are regularly offering opportunities within the EOE region to become involved in Fellowships. If you think this is something you would like to get involved in please visit the HEE web page for all up to date information about currently available opportunities.

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RCGP First5 Scheme

The RCGP has an established ‘First 5’ scheme, an initiative to support GPs in the first five years after qualifying – post MRCGP through to revalidation. Members can benefit from access to mentors, networking, and education.

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BMJ Sharp Scratch Podcasts

Fortnightly BMJ Sharp Scratch podcasts for med students, new and junior doctors with expert guests discussing all you need to know to be a good doctor, but that medical school doesn’t teach you.


The Transition Project

The Transition into The Workforce Project: 18 months funding to offer extra support to International Medical Graduates (IMGs), to allow smooth transition into GP training and into the GP workforce, hopefully in the East of England.