GP Leadership Grants

We recognise that leadership skills are fundamental to the positive growth and performance of all organisations, and good leaders are able to motivate, support and retain staff, which for general practice, means a more consistent provision of care to our patients.

We are delighted to offer a grant towards a programme of leadership study for current or new leaders within practices and PCN’s.

There are several courses we have identified, which are listed below:

Or you can apply for the grant to support a programme of your choice, however it must include topics of leadership such as:

  • Understanding your leadership style
  • Giving feedback
  • Performance management
  • Learning culture
  • Appraisals
  • Professional conversations

Places available

We currently have 30 grants available for the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough area.


Current GP partners, GPs new to partnership and GPs on a pathway to partnership within the next few months.


CPTH will provide a grant to support the cost of a leadership programme. The grant will be £800 OR 75% of the course fee, whichever is lower.

The grant will be reimbursed on evidence of successful application to your chosen programme.


If you would like to apply for this opportunity, please

  • Research and select your preferred programme
  • Complete the expression of interest form below and an application form will be sent to you
  • Complete and return the application form

Please be advised that applications will be considered on the following basis:

  • Current role
  • Opportunity to implement the learning from the investment
  • Relevance to the development of leadership skills