What is Personalised Care?

Personalised care is one of the five major, practical changes to the NHS that will take place over the next five years, as set out the recently published Long Term Plan. Working closely with partners, the NHS will roll out personalised care to reach 2.5 million people by 2023/24 and then aim to double that again within a decade.

Personalised care represents a new relationship between people, professionals and the system. It happens when we make the most of the expertise, capacity and potential of people, families and communities.


Comprehensive Model of Personalised Care

People access personalised care through six key components or programmes and this model demonstrates how these come together to deliver an all age, whole population approach to personalised care.


Personalised Care Institute

The Institute is a virtual organisation, accountable for setting standards for evidence-based training, underpinned by a robust quality assurance and accreditation framework. Training programmes for existing and new roles identified in primary care networks are being developed and the Institute will also quality assure and accredit programmes of training from third party training providers.