MacMillan Cancer Support – Education and development opportunities

Last updated Thursday 8th September 2022

Macmillan Cancer Support are delighted to showcase a range of educational and development opportunities that provide scope for learning across the whole of Primary Care from Admin Staff through
to GPs, not only to improve Cancer Outcomes for Patients but also provide some more practical learning opportunities that can be utilised in driving forward quality and service improvement work in Primary Care, such as developing Project Management Skills.

Access to these opportunities is via the Macmillan Learning and Communications Hub, via a simple registration process.

We are working hard to develop further learning opportunities and resources to support you in the vital work you do in supporting People Living with Cancer and look forward to updating you on these over the upcoming months.

Our practical range of tools and resources to support you in your day to day work, such as CCR EMIS Templates and Safety Netting Toolkit, are also available on the GP Pages of the main Macmillan web site and can be accessed here:

Resources for GPs – Macmillan Cancer Support

As always, we look forward to supporting you in continuing your amazing work for people living with cancer.

Accessing the learning and communications hub

To sign up to online learning, follow the below steps:

  1. Visit the Learning and communications hub application form.
  2. Complete the form to register for the learning and communications hub.
  3. Your licence will be created for the Hub and we will send you information
    on how to log in.
  4. If you experience any issues with this process, let us know at
  5. We hope you enjoy the new learning and communications hub!