Safeguarding Children Level 3

Last updated Monday 7th June 2021


Safeguarding Children and Young People Level 3 covers a wide range of topics including management of sudden or unexpected death in childhood, parental risk factors, unexplained injuries, neglect in a disabled child, fabricated and induced illness and adolescents presenting with suspected sexual assault.

These seven sessions have been created for all clinical staff working with children, young people and/or their parents/carers and who could potentially contribute to assessing, planning, intervening and evaluating the needs of a child or young person and parenting capacity where there are safeguarding/child protection concerns. Staff requiring this training include GPs, forensic physicians, urgent and unscheduled care staff, mental health staff (adult and CAMHS), child psychologists, child psychotherapists, adult learning disability staff, learning disability nurses, health professionals working in substance misuse services, youth offending team staff, paediatric allied health professionals, sexual health staff, school nurses, health visitors, all children’s nurses, midwives, child psychologists, obstetricians, all paediatricians, paediatric radiologists, paediatric surgeons, children’s/paediatric anaesthetists, paediatric intensivists and paediatric dentists.

These sessions were updated in 2020 to include guidance within the Safeguarding Children and Young People: Roles and Competencies for Healthcare Staff (Fourth Edition: January 2019. Intercollegiate Document). They have also been redesigned to ensure that they are more responsive and visual and can be used on mobile and tablet devices more easily.