Summer Pharmacy Student Placements (SPSP)

In recognition of the increased pressure on practices and the need to attract a new talent pipeline of Practice Pharmacists, C&P Primary Care Training Hub are piloting a project to offer a 6 week summer placement to 2nd & 3rd year Pharmacy Students. We are looking for a cohort of host practices to offer an overall experience of life in General Practice and experienced Practice Pharmacists to supervise students for 1-2 hours a week. Student salary will be paid by C&P Training Hub so there is no wage cost to your Practice.

What you need to know

  • Dates: 17th July – 25th August 2023
  • Students: 2nd and 3rd years
  • Working days: 4 days per week (to be arranged at practice and student convenience), 1 day personal study time
  • Supervision: Pharmacist 1-2 hrs per week one to one feedback, discussion and review of work. The day to day administration and support tasks can be supervised by the another appropriate role such as Practice Manager or admin lead
  • Must do’s: Students must complete an audit project that they will present back to the practice, along with their case based discussions, in their final week

Aim of Placement

The primary aim of the Placement Programme is to offer students a rare and early training experience in primary care, creating a good foundation for  their future and increased employment prospects. We hope  this placement will increase the likelihood that more students will choose General Practice as a  pre-registration option.

We hope that host practices will also benefit from having extra support and audit intelligence to help shape their priorities. In addition we hope this is also a development opportunities for experienced Clinical Pharmacists to develop their mentoring and supervision skills.


  • Training Hub to engage, interview and match students to host practices
  • Training Hub to arrange employment and salary for the students
  • Additional support during summer
  • Vital audit projects like drug monitoring, DOAC’s, Gout, QOF list completed
  • CPD opportunity of practice pharmacist
  • Experience of mentoring
  • Supporting the pipeline of Clinical Pharmacists in C&P
  • Supporting the agenda and development of Clinical Pharmacists in Primary Care
  • Supporting your PCN/Practice to see the benefits and be more inclined to take on a pre-reg student
  • Developing a relationship with potential future pharmacists.

Role of the student

The student must undertake an audit project during their time in the host practice but can also benefit from completing and supporting the practice with other duties such as:

  • General administrative tasks
  • Assisting on care home support (administrative only)
  • Blood pressure, height, weight, BMI Smoking Status
  • Preparation for busy winter period QOF Target

Role of supervising pharmacist

Whilst the placement should provide the student with experience of what it is likely to work in General  Practice, the role of the Supervising Pharmacist is crucial to offering students, advice, direction and encouragement to make the most of the experience and provide insights that will help the student with their future career decision making. Your role will be:

  • Supervising the trainee’s practice and providing constructive feedback
  • Supporting the trainee to get the best from their  6   weeks and connecting them with others in the  Practice
  • Providing support and guidance to other staff who are supervising the trainee
  • Provide regular feedback based on observation and review of projects and assessments
  • Offering 1-2 hours per week one to one feedback, discussion and review of work

If you are interested in this opportunity, please complete the survey here:

Or if you would like further information please contact Jigar Raval or Nicola Arbon with any queries.

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