CPTH Annual Conference

We're delighted to announce that this year's Training Hub conference for Nurses, HCA’s, Clinical Pharmacists, Physician's Associates, AHP’s and Advanced Practitioners working in General Practice, will be taking place on Wednesday 11th May 2022 at the Marriott Hotel in Huntingdon.

We’re bringing you a fantastic line up of expert speakers, clinical updates, informative workshops, networking sessions and much more!

Key Note speaker: Ollie Hart, GP partner, Primary Care Network (PCN) Clinical Director and owner of Peak Health Coaching

Workshop topic areas include:

  • Health Coaching
  • Chronic Pain
  • Diabetes
  • Pelvic Health
  • Psychological aspects of Physical Health and Long Term Conditions
  • Career Pathway for Non-Registered
  • Future of Advanced Practice
  • Group Consultations
  • Portfolio Careers
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CPTH2022 Conference Guide

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Booking Process

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This is a fully risk assessed face-to-face event. We are asking all attendees to take a lateral flow test before joining us and will use social distancing measures and hand sanitiser to do our utmost to deliver a Covid-safe event. This may be subject to change and we will continue to risk assess until shortly before the event.


Dr Ollie Hart

Keynote Speaker & Health Coaching

Ollie Hart is a GP Partner, Primary Care Network (PCN) Clinical Director and owner of Peak Health Coaching. He is happiest with one foot in front line clinical care, and the other in leading and innovating change. Using experience from each to inform and inspire the other, keeps him excited about creating conditions for people to flourish.

Sally-Anne Bradford

Wound Care/Lower Leg Management

Sally-Anne Bradford is the CPFT Operational/Clinical manager of both Tissue Viability and the Bladder & Bowel service. Her passion is for everything ‘lower limb’, especially the causes and treatment of wet legs.  Sally-Anne is looking at ways to improve the lives of patients with lower limb conditions and is focused on innovative ways to tackle the increasing demands on our practice nurse and community nurse resources.

Dr Giles Hazan

Chronic Pain

Giles Hazan is a GP in Mid Sussex who also works as a GP with an Extended Role in the Chronic Pain Service for Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust. He is a council member and clinical lead for diplomate members of the Faculty of Sports and Exercise medicine (FSEM) and is involved in the development of training pathways for GPs working in extended roles.

Amanda Savage

Pelvic Health

Amanda Savage is a Cambridge based Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, who specialises in pelvic health. She works with men and women with bladder, bowel or pelvic pain problems as well as caring for antenatal and postnatal mums. She is keen to empower other health professionals to confidently advise their patients and to look after their own pelvic health!

Dr Jessica Randall-Carrick

Diabetes Care

Jessica Randall-Carrick is the Joint Clinical Lead for Diabetes & Obesity for both C&P STP and CCG. She works as a GP three days a week in central Peterborough and is very aware of the impact of the social determinants of health have on patients. Jessica’s passion is to ensure that systems and processes ensure good quality person-centred clinical care. Her workshop will be looking at what is currently making a difference in diabetes care.

Jenny Aston

FRCGP (Hon) Queen’s Nurse,  ALPN, RSCN, RN
Group Consultations

Jenny Aston works 5 sessions a week as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) in a large teaching Practice and has a passion for patient centered health prevention. She runs a wide range of training within practice, for local clinicians and at national conferences. Jenny has set up and lead on group consultations and sits on NHSE’s Advanced Clinical Practice group and regional HEE general practice nurse network. She is also the Royal College of GPs AHP/Nurse Champion.

Dr Lee David

Psychological Aspects of Physical Health & Long Term Conditions

Dr Lee David is a GP and CBT therapist for NHS Practitioner Health, supporting health professionals coping with mental health difficulties. She is educational director of 10 Minute CBT and is passionate about teaching effective strategies that encourage patient self-management for physical and emotional problems. She is also interested in adolescent wellbeing and has recently developed a new approach using brief CBT to support teenagers and parents.

Kelly Pauley

Respiratory Diagnostics

Kelly Pauley is Head of Respiratory Investigations at North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust. She has been a Respiratory Physiologist for 22 years and has worked at Royal Papworth Hospital, Hinchingbrooke and now North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust.

Emily Handley

Career Pathways for Non-Registered Staff

Emily Handley is a Senior Nursing Workforce Manager at NHS England and NHS Improvement. She is working as part of the Health Care Support Worker (HCSW) Programme within the East of England leading on HCSW retention and development. Emily is an Adult Nurse who started her career as a carer in the community in 2008. She has a background in Acute Care and Clinical Education.

Kathryn Caley

Career Pathways for Non-Registered Staff

Kathryn Caley is the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Training Hub Lead Nurse, with over 25 years experience in senior nursing and operational management roles. She loves that this role gives her the opportunity to work with health care professionals at every stage of their career and to help create a supportive and fulfilling work environment.

Leila Ronald-Jones

Portfolio Careers

Leila Ronald Jones is HEE’s Primary Care Workforce Lead Covering the East of England. She has worked in the community as a practitioner for many years, in variety of roles and teams, then moved to Health Education England 6 years ago to work in the Quality team looking at student nurse placements. Leila has since had 4 secondments to various roles which have enhanced her experiences and skills, and she is now the regional Lead for GPN nursing, networking the region together to create a supportive environment for Leaders to develop and explore. Leila is passionate about developing the General Practice Workforce educational opportunities across the East of England.

Jan Gower

Portfolio Careers

Jan Gower is an experienced nurse who has spent the last 22 years working in general practice, with the last 6 years as an ANP. She has also worked as the primary care lead for general practice nursing, was the first nurse to sit in a commissioning role in England and has worked in higher education delivering modules contributing to advanced practice Master’s programmes. Jan has been a strong voice nationally for the part that practice nurses contribute to the primary care agenda and was awarded the Queen’s Nurse title in 2014 for her contribution to quality patient care in the community. She is currently working with CPTH to deliver the Fellowship programme for newly qualified nurses coming into general practice.

Janet Marsden

Portfolio Careers

Janet Marsden worked as a GPN and ANP in General Practice in Peterborough for 22 years. She is trained in Diabetes, Asthma, Women’s Health and was the Safeguarding Lead and GSF Lead for the Practice. Janet is passionate about acting as an advocate and safeguarding vulnerable members of society and loved working in general practice, getting to know generations of families, being able to care for them and build relationships and friendships. Since her retirement in 2019 Janet has been working with CPTH, educating student nurses and sharing her skills and knowledge to help them develop their confidence, knowledge and communication skills.

Amanda Gibson

The Future of Advanced Practice

Amanda Gibson is the HEE Advancing Practice Supervision and Assessment Lead for the East of England. Amanda is working as part of the East of England Faculty of Advancing Practice on driving forward the Advancing Practice agenda including supporting quality supervision and assessment in our region. Amanda is a Diagnostic Radiographer who started her career at a local hospital. She has a background in quality improvement, clinical and academic education, strategic oversight of the NHS, primary care and private/voluntary organisations.

Kim Treverton

The Future of Advanced Practice

Kim Treverton is a Primary Care Lead for Advanced Practice for HEE working across East of England.  Her current role focuses upon supporting multi-professional workplace supervision, improvement of learner assessment and experience, and advising current and future advanced practitioners. She works closely with ICSs, training hubs, and the wider workforce to promote and develop the role of advanced practice in primary care.  She is an ANP and has worked in a variety of clinical settings, predominantly Primary Care.

Marie Honeyfield

The Future of Advanced Practice

Marie Honeyfield is a Primary Care Lead for Advanced Practice working at HEE, supporting access to educational programmes, portfolio routes and integration of the multi-professional framework for advanced clinical practice. She started her career in 2008 and her background is in Paediatric Nursing & clinical education, with a passion for restorative supervision and work based learning.

Please note that this event/programme may change subject to Covid-19 restrictions. We will notify you of any changes as early as possible.

The Training Hub Conference – Booking terms and conditions

This conference is organised by Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Training Hub.
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Attendance confirmation
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Cancellations and non-attendance
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5. If you are no longer able to attend the event please notify us via email, no later than 1 week prior to the event. Less than one week will be counted as non-attendance and you will be charged for your delegate place.
6. Why do we do this? The Training Hub is fully funding this event. Numbers are confirmed and rooms are allocated according their capacity based on these numbers 1 week before. We will also have a waiting list of people wishing to attend this event. As a result, if you do not show up for the conference we are still charged for your place and someone who wished to attend will be unable to.