We aim to bring you useful information on skills, education, learning opportunities and career development for Nurses and AHPs.

If you need information on a specific topic related to Nurse or AHP Development that is not listed below, please contact the Training Hub at candptraininghub@nhs.net

Placements in Primary Care

General Practice is particularly suited to supporting the development of healthcare students due to the wide range of learning opportunities and types of patient contact that take place in this clinical setting. It is also a great setting to support the development of staff and provide opportunities to upskill through many programmes.

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Fellowship in General Practice for Nurses

The two-year GPN Fellowship (Preceptorship) is funded by NHS England and supports newly qualified nurses to develop skills and gain experience as a valued member of the primary care team in a supportive environment. Open to all Nurses who have qualified within the last 12 months (rolling) and who are employed by a Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Practice or PCN.

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Funding for Education & Training for Nurses & Allied Health Professionals

The Training Hub is committed to ensuring all staff in General Practice have equal access to learning and development opportunities to support the requirements of Primary Care. This includes a commitment to ensure every nurse and allied health professional (AHP) has access to the £1000 personal continuing professional development (CPD) budget (over 3 years).

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Careers in Nursing

You can browse information on careers in nursing on our careers page.

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Develop your coaching skills

Coaching and mentoring is a key professional development tool used in leadership development, and to support the primary care workforce to grow and develop. If you are interested in becoming a coach or mentor, read more about the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Coaching & Mentoring Training Programme.

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