Learning Disabilities Health Check

Last updated Friday 13th October 2023

Welcome to the online webinars about Learning Disabilities and support to undertake the learning disabilities health check.

This a short course of 2, 1 hour webinars aimed at all colleagues who support Learning disabilities patients.

Recording of the Learning Disabilities Health Checks – Webinar 1 session on 14th June 2023

1 : Why do an LD health check ?

2 : What is Involved in a LD health check?

3 : Covid impact on our LD population.

Recorded on 14th June 2023


Recording of the Learning Disabilities Health Checks – Webinar 2 session on 28th June 2023

1 : Common LD conditions.

2 : Reasonable adjustments

3 : Autism – how to support this cohort of patients

4 : Sensory issues / Desensitisation work

Recorded on 28th June 2023


Below is a collection of useful resources you can download to support Learning Disability healthchecks:

Easy read guide to bowel cancer screening

Easy read guide to breast cancer screening

 Easy read guide to cervical cancer screening

Easy read FIT screening

Health check  pre screener questionnaire ( prior to attending AHC)

Health check Invite for Annual heath check

 Health Action Plan - Easy read

Coronavirus vaccine - Easy read

Weight management leaflet

Constipation resources

Resources for AHC

How to refer to LDP - LDP contacts